Welcome to China BIG Idea.

My name is Shirley Yu, political economist, professor, author, a formidable Scholar and Expert in Chinese Strategic and Economic Affairs, a leading global voice on China at the cross-section of global Public Policy, Academia, Media and Business.

I currently lecture at the IE business School and Harvard Kennedy School on China. A Senior Fellow at the LSE, Fellow at the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School, a former deputy director of the XIN Fintech Center at the Tsinghua PBOC School of Finance, I am a contributor to the FT, BBC, Bloomberg, PBS Frontline, among many leading global media outlets. A Harvard University and Peking University graduate.

My personal website contains a collection of writings, academic publications, public and think tank lectures, news features, frequent TV interviews, all on China.

I delivered lectures at leading global think tanks including the Chatham House, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Fairbanks Center, the Wilson Center, the Asia Society, the LSE, among many others.

These are some quick media snippets.

I would like to thank our passionate and dedicated panel of Analysts:

  • Rufei Wang, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Major research focus: China’s macro economy, new economy and market reforms.

  • Shurui Yan, University of Melbourne. Major research focus: China M&A activities, IPOs and capital market reforms.

  • Zhining Li, University College London (UCL). Research focus: China’s global brands, corporate unicorns, and innovation.

  • Lijie Dong, Durham University. Research focus and expertise: the normative implications of public policies, related to justice, minority rights and feminism.

Having the privilege to advise on strategic matters on China to Fortune Global 100 stakeholders, along with my team, I would like to bring our insights and advice to a wider global audience in corporates, policy and government.

The objective is not to examine China normatively, but rather positively. As the global economic gravity continues to shift towards the Asia Pacific in the 21st century, China presents both the most profound economic opportunities and the most complex political risks at boardrooms and policy rooms across the world.

This newsletter will bring to culmination academic, policy, and corporate insights, with deep business networks in China and around the world, and present insights and intelligence on China for the benefits of global stakeholders.